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Exeter City's New Trainer 

In April 1922, Henry John Tucker was appointed trainer at St James Park, he was born in Plymouth and was 28 years old when appointed.

When he was 16 he went to Canada and after a stay in London, Ontario. It was here that he picked up a great deal of knowledge about athletics in general, and boxing and sprinting in particular. He then moved to the West of Canada, and then to the USA, working his way from Montana to Texas, where he led the life of a cowboy on a large cattle ranch.

He enlisted with the Canadian Forces at the outbreak of the War in 1914, he returned to England as a member of the armed forces and eventually to France, were he was wounded. He later became a Gymnastics instructor.

He trained the Canadian Boxing team which appeared at the Royal Albert Hall tournament of 1918, the Northampton Institute contests in 1919, and the Pershing Stadium, Paris tournament. This included several boxers with big reputations in the boxing world.
He was a goalkeeper for the 1st Candian Command Depot Team, when they won the Guildford Cup in 1918, and assisted the Bearwood Hospital (Canadian) X1 at Wokingham.
He played in goal for Green Waves in 1921, whilst Sergeant Waller (Waller was deputy for Dick Pym, when he was injured last season) was playing for the Army. 
During the last two seasons he has been assistant trainer to Tommy Haynes at Plymouth Argyle. 

It was suggested in the press that "it would be nice if the Supporter's Club could persuade him to give a Cowboy turn at the big fete at St James's Park in June 1922."


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