Jon May

Jon May was at Exeter City for the start of 1980/81 season. Born in Liverpool on the 28th January 1960. Jon, a central defender had been at Blackpool since 1978 when he was released in August 1980. Brian Godfrey then signed him for Exeter. 

The following was from the Sunday Independent-November 22nd 1980 by Martyn Dean 


"CITY'S MANAGER Brian Godfrey is unlikely to make any moves into the transfer market until he has considerably lightened the load on the wages bill at St. James's Park. Godfrey took th first step towards pruning his present staff this week when he offered to buy up the remainder of central defender Jon May's contract so that he could be released right away. May was given a free transfer by th club three weeks ago, but so far there have been no inquiries for him. Godfrey feels that it may well be in the player's as well as the club's best interests if May leaves as soon as possible. "I think Jon will be better off trying to get himself fixed up with another clut now than if he waits until the end of the season," said Godfrey. "The situation is likely to be far worse by then. "There are plenty of clubs who just cannot afford to take more players on. Even if they can get them on a free transfer, they cannot afford to pay the extra wages each week." Godfrey pointed to the example of Bristol Rovers, who only last week put 10 of their players on the transfer list in an effort to relieve the desperate financial situation at Eastville. It is a pattern he believes could be repeated all over the country as clubs attempt to come to terms with falling gates and rising costs. So far this season, City's own financial plight has not been too bad. Their gates are up by nearly 1,000 a week on the same period last year and the £80,000 they raked in from the sale of Steve Neville should act as a cushion to keep the bank manager from the door for a little while. But with an annual wage bill which last year topped £200,000, there is little or no room for manoeuvre, when it comes to making changes in the playing staff.

Make room

If May accepts the offer to settle up his contract, City will be down to 19 full pro fessionals, but that number will be up to 20 again in the New Year when apprentice Ian Cole takes up the offer of a contract. Godfrey cannot afford to take on any more players without first making room for them by releasing some of his present staff. As always, however, he is still looking around for prospective new players, although at this stage he says he has no-one specific in mind. His primary target is likely to be a young central defender, who he could groom to take over for the likes of Jimmy Giles and Phil Roberts at some stage in the future."



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