Jack England (Egerton Archibald Bishop)

Jack England played for Taunton Town, he was asked to play for City Reserves on the 29/10/1922 as a goalkeeper.

Jack England (originally called Egerton Bishop 1897-1981), was the goalkeeper for Taunton in the late 1910’s/early 1920’s.

The following came from his Grandson in 2022. The player's name was 'Jack England', he was my grandad - he was in the the Navy during WW1, and changed his name from Egerton Archibald Bishop! In his teens was a bare knuckle fighter, and used to take on boxers from travelling circuses!" From his grandson. 

From a match report 25/10/1922

"The match was of special interest in view of the fact that a trial was given by Okehampton to England, a young goalkeeper who is at present with Taunton Town, and who has represented Somerset County. Although of small build for a custodian he has a pair of safe hands, and good ideas of positional play."

And from a match report v Norwich City Reserves on 4th November 1922.

"England made a brilliant save at the feet of Taylor, but was beaten by Smith from the penalty spot after Flynn had handled."



Kevin Summers

This player's name was 'Jack England', he was my grandad - he desserted from the Navy during WW1, and changed his name from Egerton Archibald Bishop!

Kevin Summers

Paul, do you mean about desserting from the Navy, or playing for Taunton & Exeter? Unfortunately there is no documentation about desserting the navy (and also the army) other than on his records saying 'ran', and also a newspaper cutting from when my grandad appeared in court and denied this! I haven't got any photo's of my grandad playing for Taunton or Exeter unfortunately. I know that my Grandad played in goal for Bowden Green when he retired and was in his 70's!

Kevin Summers

Not really sure how I add photo's on here Paul?

Paul Farley

Kevin do you have more details and any documentation that confirms the story? and any more information about your grandad 

Paul Farley

Any photo would be good Kevin! 

Paul Farley

Can you send to reception@ecfc.co.uk and say for my attention. That would be great!

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