Pat Kruse.

Born 30 November 1953 Arlesey, Bedfordshire 

Pat Kruse (ex Torquay, Leicester and Brentford) played in a pre-season friendly against Swindon in 1983, guesting to help out his old friend Malcolm Musgrove. Pat had just left Barnet and, as it happened, was in the process of dropping out of professional football. He became a builder in Hertfordshire.

Whilst at Plainmoor, Pat had memorably scored an own goal after just six seconds against Cambridge United in January 1977. Speaking to the Brentford FC website many years later Pat recalled how:

“The game was delayed for about an hour because of a frozen pitch, but when it got underway, Cambridge had kick-off and punted it forward. I was playing centre-half and could see their winger and centre-forward running towards me. The easy thing would have been to head the ball straight back out again but, at the last second, I thought I’d flick it back to my goalkeeper and we’d have possession. Unbeknown to me, I was standing just inside the box and Terry Lee, the goalkeeper, came off the line to come and catch it. Then he tried to shout for it, but he had a speech impediment and that’s when his affliction kicked in – he stuttered, but nothing came out at all. As far as I knew, he was still in his goal, but when he realised I didn’t hear, he tried to go back, slipped on the ice and as I flicked it back, I could see him lying on the floor as the ball went in. Unfortunately, it wasn’t caught on camera!”



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