1982/83 “Exeter Ladies” Women’s Team

Exeter started their Western League campaign, after a great deal of off field changes, this was not going to be the last time that this would happen in the history of Exeter's women's football.
Last season John and Viv Asher, stalwarts of the women's game at Exeter left, and, formed Exeter Rangers. Gerry the manger also moved to Exeter Rangers, along with Karen Brimmacombe, Julie Shepperd, Debbie Corkin, Denise Upham, Sheila Walters and Jane Butler.
Jackie Kernick and Dot Davidson left because of other commitments.

However new players joined, Annie Hesketh and Fran Crispin came from Torbay. Mandy Langman returned to Exeter from Tiverton Ladies and Sue Yelland joined after a 5 year absence from playing. 

Exeter now has strength in depth and were placed to cement their place in the Western League.
The following was copied from a programme at the start of the season.

"Dear Supporterters
This is the first time for nearly 5 years that I have contributed anything in writing to Exeter Ladies F C and I hope it will not be that long before I contribute more. Last season saw many changes at the club. John and Viv Asher, stalwarts at the club for many years, left to form the now Exeter Rangers. Gerry, the manager left at the same time and renewed his association with the Ashers by joining the Rangers. As if losing such members was not emough, Jackie Kernick and Dot Davidson left the club because of other commitments, a collection of other players left very quickly. Karen Brimecombe, Debbie Corkin, Julie Shepherd, Denise Upham, Sheila Walters and Jane Butler. All now play for the Rangers. But it says much for the club that Exeter Ladies F C are still here playing this afternoon in yet another season of Western League football.
On the departure of Gerry I was invited to take over the management of the team. The position I have to refuse because of other commitments within the WFA. The organisation of the club is now very efficient. Even with the losses incurred the club have now replaced those players missing from last season. Annie Hesketh and Frances Crispin joined from Torbay, Mandy Langman returned from Tiverton and Sue Yelland, making a comeback after 5 years absence from football. The club now has strength in depth and can field various permutations of players without lessening the strength of the team. That is to the credit of Exeter Ladies FC after the turmoil of last season.
A part, if not vital part of my work for the WFA is to see all the players in the South West Region, those from the Home Counties League, Western League and SW League either by direct visits, coaching days or Regional events with a view to possible Inter national recognition for those players. My ability to get to all the Exeter games is therefore restricted. I hope players, officials and supporters will appreciate the situa tion that I will continue to help and assist the club for as long as they are prepared to accept the situation. The very fact that I have to select and manage the Regional team means that I must be and seen to be unbiased in my selections and direct associations with any club would not fulfill this requirement.
I sincerely hope Exeter will continue with the success they have had so far."


Exeter Ladies FC 1982/83 Women's Western League
15/08/1982 David Worth Memorial Shield Plymouth  LFC Home 4-0 Langman  Hesketh 2 Og        
  Friendly Illogan LFC Home 4-2 Hesketh 3 Trace          
  Friendly Reigate LFC Home 4-1 Hesketh  Trott Wilson 2        
  Friendly Warminster Away 1-5 Thomas            
05/09/1982 League Barry LFC Away 11-0 Thomas 5 Crispin Langman 2 Trott Hesketh  Wilson  
12/09/1982 League Cope Chat Home 10-0 Langman 4 Wilson 2 Trott Thomas (B) Crispin Costello  
19/09/1982 League Frome LFC Home 2-2 Wilson Hesketh          
10/10/1982 WFA Cup R1 Tiverton LFC Home 4-3 Hesketh 2 Heard (og) Day (og)        
24/10/1982 League Newport Gladiators Away 4-1 Hesketh2 Langman Thomas        
07/11/1982 WFA Cup R2 Newport Gladiators Home 7-3 Thomas 4 Langman 2 Hesketh        
14/11/1982 League St Catherines Away P-P :            
05/12/1982 WFA Cup R3 Illogan LFC Home 4-2 Thomas Hesketh Trott Crispin      
19/12/1982 League Cardiff LFC Away P-P :            
02/01/1983 Trophy (Pat Sowden Cup R1) Barry LFC Home P-P :            
09/01/1983 WFA Cup R4 Friends of Fulham Home 1-6 Hesketh            
16/01/1983 League Cope Chat Away 6-0 Lake 2 Bowen Trott Wilson Lamgman
23/01/1983 Western League Cup 1 Barry LFC Away 11-0 Hesketh 5 Thomas 3 Trott Turner Lamgman    
28/01/1983 Floodlit Friendly Exmouth Away 3-1 Hesketh Thomas Wilson        
06/02/1983 Pat Sowden Cup 1 Barry LFC Home 14-0 Tancock Thomas 4 Wilson 3 Langman 2 Hesketh 2 Lake Trott
13/02/1983 League Newport Gladiators Home 11-1 Hesketh 6 Langman 2 Wilson Thomas (B) Og    
27/02/1983 League St Catherines Home 11-0 Hesketh 4 Wilson 3 Trott 2 Langman  Thomas    
06/03/1983 League Frome LFC Away 4-1 Hesketh 4            
13/03/1983 Pat Sowden Cup SF Frome LFC Home 7-0 Hesketh 3 Langman 2 Trott Lake      
20/03/1983 League St Catherines Away 10-0 Thomas 5 Wilson 4 Trott        
26/03/1983 Western League Cup SF Cardiff LFC Home 4-3 Thomas 2 Hesketh 2          
10/04/1983 League Cardiff LFC Away 2-1 Hesketh 2            
17/04/1983 League Cardiff LFC Away 1-2 Thomas            
08/05/1983 Pat Sowden Cup Final Cardiff LFC Neutral 1-2 Hesketh            
15/05/1983 League Barry LFC Home 14-0 Hesketh 7 Thomas 4 Trace 1 Tancock 1 Lake 1    
22/05/1983 Western League Cup Final Frome LFC Neutral 5-1 Trott 2 Costello 2 Hesketh        

Final Table
Western League 1982-83

Western League 1982-83
Position Team P W D L F A Pts
1 Cardiff 12 11 0 1 48 4 22
2 Exeter 12 10 1 1 86 8 21
3 Newport 12 6 1 5 33 29 13
4 Frome 12 4 1 7 24 24 9
5 St Catherines 12 4 1 5 21 43 9
6 Cope Chat 12 3 0 9 30 60 6
7 Barry 12 2 0 10 4 77 4


Women's FA Cup Results 

1982-83 Women's FA Cup
10/10/1982 R1 Tiverton LFC Home 4-3 Hesketh 4        
07/11/1982 R2 Newport Gladiators Home 7-3 Thomas 4 Langman 2 Hesketh    
05/12/1982 R3 Illogan  Home 4-2 Hesketh  Crispin Thomas Trott   
09/01/1983 R4 Friends of Fulham Home 1-6 Hesketh  

Season Summary



Rob Dale

1982/83 09/01/83 Exeter Ladies 1-6 Friends of Fulham (WFA Cup 4th Round - last 16). I'm still looking for the date and results of the 3rd round match (Tiverton was 2nd round).

Paul Farley

Rob are you able to contact the club who can pass on my details 

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