Orchard, Kyanna

Kyanna arrived at Exeter after impressing in youth football in Cornwall, Kyanna was awarded the Young Player of the Year Award for the 2019/2020 Season after impressing with her performances and attitude.

Kyanna played 10 games in goal for Exeter in the curtailed 2019/20 season.

During the 2nd National lockdown in November 2020 due the pandemic the team produced some articles from players about players entitled.

"Our New Lockdown Series Starts"

Kyanna's replies were:-

Quickest Player: Meg, so MUCH speed Not So Quickest: Me! Feel like a Snail

Best Trainer: Emily, always hitting screamers with her right foot in shooting drills
Most intelligent: Zoe well spoken and knowledgeable
Most Skilful: Mia, always showing new tricks Team Joker: Abbie, loves a joke in the changing room Worst taste in Music: Hope. Westlife is not really my generation
Most likely to moan about something: Manfy always has feedback to give, positive and negative
Who gets the most fines: Abbie/Manfy. Both like to express their thoughts! Last Minute Penalty to Win the League, Who takes it?
Anthea, always scoring worldies Who would be in your 5ASIDE Team? Me, Manfy,
Anthea, Abbie and Connie Most Likely to get booked: Abbie, always having a word with the ref.

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