Beck, Stephanie

Stephanie, joined Exeter City from,  Plymouth Argyle, the midfielder has opted for a new challenge and has signed in with the Grecians for the 2020/21 season.

Stephanie, a former student at Exmouth Community College was their sportsperson of the year in 2009, and was presented with the trophy by Steve Perryman.

During the 2nd National lockdown in November 2020 due the pandemic the team produced some articles from players about players entitled.

"Our New Lockdown Series Starts"

Steph's replies were:-

Quickest Player: Esme, because she has long legs!
Not so Quickest: Phoebe Durkin, wins the first ball, doesn't need the speed
Best Trainer: Phoebe Baker, always turns up to training and tries hard Most intelligent: Phoebe Baker, reads the game well and always in the right place when you need her 
Most Skilful: Meg. Pulls of good skills in training, even if it is by accident!
Team Joker: Emily Toogood, doesn't tell jokes, but always something to laugh about with/at her
Worst Taste in Music: Manfy. Not a fan of her song choices
Most Likely to Moan about Something: Zoe. Stands up for what she thinks Who gets the most fines: Manfy or Abbie, one of them will get the last word in 
A Last Minute Penalty to Win the League, who takes it? Me :) Abbie or Anthea,
they're confident they'll score it Who would be in your 5ASIDE Team: Meg Lightfoot, Me, Anthea, Abbie, Phoebe Baker
Most likely to get booked: Anthea. Although she's trying to be a changed player this season!

Steph also played for the Development squad (Exeter City WFC reserves) in 2022/23 




David Gribble,



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