Aplin, F



Biographical Text

An amateur with Exeter City who made his debut in the club’s first ever game, at home to the 110th Battery Royal Artillery in September 1904.

"There is an APLIN who made one appearance in the first ever match and disappeared after that, we had an Alfred and an Albert in the family at that time, Alfred was born in 1872 and was a plasterer by trade, Albert was born in 1885 so would have been 19 around 1904. Whether these are the 2 APLIN's in the clubs books I am not 100% sure although they lived in St Sidwell's at the time and were both involved initially with St Sidwell's Football Club. F Aplin was the captain of the 2nd Team (StSFC) and A Aplin was the vice captain of the 2nd team,"

Both were playing for St Sidwells in 1901, they are not differentiated in the squad lists.
Aplin scored against Newton Abbot GWR students in a friendly in early 1902




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