Match 03
19th September 1914
Gillingham (h)

Saturday September 19th.

Southern League.



A margin of two goals in Exeter City's favour at St. James's Park over Gillingham in no way exaggerates their superiority; if anything it minimises the value of their victory. In every department they were more than a match for their visitors from Kent; they played with more dash and enterprise and were far cleverer.




Marshall Strettle

Rigby Lagan Smith

Holt Green Goodwin(W) Lovett Goodwin(F)

Referee:- Mr J.T.Hornby, of London.


Hooper Gilligan Glen Pinkney Tatton

Johnson Lee Mahon

Leslie Mosley


Exeter scored a goal in the first minute. Gillingham opened fairly well, but the missing of an open goal by Hooper gave the City courage, and wonderful combination between W.Goodwin and Lovett completely baffled the Gillingham defenders, the outcome being a terrific rising shot into the top of the net that Bailey could hardly have seen, let alone stopped. The goalkeeper was called upon again directly afterwards, and two great shots from the Goodwins went over the crossbar. Excitement was provided at the other end when Gilligan headed back a centre from Hooper. The ball went straight to the feet of Pinkney, who looked a certain scorer, but Pym intervened, and at length Lagan kicked clear. For practically the remainder of the first half the City had control of the situation, and they led at the interval by one goal to nothing. The game had not restarted many minutes before Exeter had increased their lead. The forwards, finely led by Billy Goodwin, executed a brilliant passing movement, gaining them a corner on the right. Holt placed the ball favourably for Lovett to smartly head the second goal.


Exeter City's Clever Forwards.

Pym dealt with a shot from Tatton, and then roughness crept into the play, cautions being administered to Mahon and Mosley. Exeter were undoubtedly proving themselves much the superior combination. Bailey effected many daring saves in the last few minutes. Hooper made one praiseworthy effort to reduce the lead, but after running close in his centre was cleverly caught by Pym and kicked away. Exeter City's forwards have so far upheld all the good things said about them at the commencement of the season. They combine with splendid accuracy, and travel by the shortest route to the goal at the other end. Although it was thought that Hunter, who accompanied the City on the South American tour, would be first choice for centre-forward, it now seems evident that in Billy Goodwin, who last season played for Blackburn Rovers Reserves, Exeter have made one of their best captures of all time. The City's half backs were strong and effective without being over elaborate, and Strettle played another good game at left back. Marshall, who has already done good service in a variety of positions, has been pressed into use as a full-back through Harding's injury, and has given every satisfaction. Gillingham had a pair of only moderate backs; the wing half backs were weak, and the forwards, though speedy on the move, failed badly near goal.


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