Match 24
Exeter v Southampton

Torquay Town v City Reserves

City Reserves v 14th Royal Garrison Artillery

City v Southampton

Saturday, January 3.

At St James's Park, Exeter.


Southampton, one of the two Southern League clubs that gained maximum points from the three holiday matches, swooped down upon St James's Park this afternoon, intent upon further plunder, and confident in their proven strength.

A sensation was caused in Exeter with the announcement that Goodwin had been dropped from the team, and his place filled by George Reader, the St Luke's College student, who has of course been attracting attention by his displays in Exeter Wednesday League football. This, though, is vastly different to the game as played in the Southern League. Strettle and Makin were also omitted. Southampton were without Parker, their right back.

Coleburne Medcalf
Rigby Popplewell Mitton
Oldacre Lovett Reader Henderson

Referee:- Mr H.C.Curtis, of London.

Foxall Moore Rawlings Dominy Barratt Hackett Bradburn Andrews
Titmuss Turner

The colours of the teams being ordinarily alike, Exeter City turned out in claret and amber jerseys. Rigby won the toss, and set the visitors facing towards Exeter and the breeze. Twenty minutes after the start an uncharacteristic blunder by Medcalf let Dominy through. He swung the ball out to Foxall, who centred immediately, and Rawlings, getting the leather low down, slipped it into the net well out of Pym's reach. This was the extent of the scoring in the first half.

In the second half, during which they scored no less than four goals, Exeter City's play was a revelation. The forwards, showing clever combination, gave the Saints a gruelling time. After Henderson had struck the crossbar the City forced several

corners, and from the last of these Henderson headed Dockray's centre into the net. Exeter kept up the pressure, and a drive by Reader struck the bar. Another corner was won on the left, and a beautifully taken kick by Dockray found Lovett, who scored with a powerful header, the ball entering the net just below the bar.

A few seconds after the restart Hackett handled in the penalty area, and Popplewell scored with a fast grounder that Wilcock hardly saw in the fading light. Southampton were being out played, and Dockray, sprinting away on the left, crossed after dribbling past Turner and Bradburn. Henderson's shot struck the crossbar, and from the rebound Reader scored the fourth goal.

It was the City's best win of the season, and the first time the team has scored four goals. Reader, although by no means a Billy Goodwin, did what was asked of him. He tried his hardest, and his sturdy determination to "get there was good to see. The City halves, especially Rigby and Mitton, had a big share in to day's victory. They kept Dockray and Oldacre well supplied with the ball, and contrasted very favourably with their opposite numbers in the Southampton team.


The reserve team of the Grecians played a friendly match at Plainmoor this afternoon. A large crowd attended.

The Town pressed at the start, but Strettle sent them back, then a fine run by Lincoln was followed by a centre, which Connor put behind. Torquay took up the running, and Smyth middled the ball to Pridham, the former "Grecian," who opened the scoring.

Meager narrowly failed from a corner taken by Smythe. Then the City attacked, and Crawshaw scored with Gartrell out of his goal.

Torquay Town 1, Exeter City Reserves 1.

Loram saved from Meager and Glanville when the game re-started, and Strettle was prominent in the City defence. A centre from Lincoln skidded across the goalmouth but Gartrell kept the ball in play.

Gartrell made two brilliant saves, but was prone to come out and leave his goal undefended. He ventured out to intercept one high centre from Lincoln, but missed the ball, and Crawshaw shot into the empty net. Right on time Collins scored a third goal for Exeter, with the goalkee per again out of position. The City thus won by three goals to one.

Torquay Town:-
Bovey and Downing;
Smith, Saunders, and Dixon;
Glanville, Meager, Pridham, Cotter, and Smythe.

Twooze and Strettle;
Powell, Lovell, and Chown;
Connor, Crawshaw, Collins, Sanders, and Lincoln.


The Battery Receives a Rude Awakening:

Saturday, January 10.


Played at St James's Park, Exeter, this afternoon, before an attendance of less than a thousand spectators. The weather was bleak and chilly, with outbreaks of squally rain. The ground was churned up and looked like a sea of mud following the heavy rain of last night.

The Reserves' team included Alf Green, who has signed on for Exeter again following his demobilization. He was stationed abroad in India for part of the war. Liddle was at left back in place of Strettle, and the teams lined up:


Twooze Liddle
Powell Lovell Chown
Collins Whicher Green Makin Lincoln


Richardson Wood Grant Major Jordan Stanford Lines Ansell
Upton Cleverly

The Artillery won the toss and placed the Reserves facing the St James's Road end. From the start the Reserves took up clever forward combination, the ball going from Green to Whicher, then to Collins, whose shot went just over the bar.

The match was turning out to be a very one-sided affair, and in a ve fact it was more or less a light-hearted shooting practice for the Reserves. Eventually Collins kicked the ball against one of the backs, whence it went into the net. Further goals were put on by Whicher (2), Makin. Green, and Lincoln, while almost on the call of half time Wood scored for the soldiers. In the second half Makin and Green completed the scoring.

Exeter City Chiefs friendly postponed. 

Exeter City chiefs left St David's Station yesterday at 3 p.m. for Tony pandy, where a friendly match had been arranged against Mid-Rhondda. When they arrived they discovered that the match was cancelled, owing to the heavy rain in South Wales.


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