Match 05
17th September 1919
Southern League
Watford (h)

Plymouth and District League
Oreston Rovers (a)

Saturday, September 17th 1910.

Champions Conquerors at Exeter

James Again Centre

Watford furnished the Southern League fare at St. James's Park this afternoon, and the match was a very important one from the home viewpoint, for the previous three matches had yielded only one point, and the City's position therefore was a desperate one. Watford could by no means be regarded as easy opposition, for last Saturday they beat Brighton and Hove Albion, the champions, at Cassio Road, by 2-1 after being one down at half time.
Hughes and Griffiths were still unfit, and the Exeter management made one change from Wednesday, James being preferred at centre to Smith, who was not in his best form against the Palace.
Coates Jones
Bassett Pratt Prideaux
Parnell Watson James Bell Garside
Referee:- Mr G. Bennett, of Bristol. Linesmen: Messrs Sturdy and Perry.
Squires Tattersall Maclaine Kelly Flint Grieve Kent Beaumont
Stewart Lockett
The weather was beautifully fine, and the turf appeared to be in splendid condition. The bad start made by the City this season did not seem to affect the gate in the slightest, for by three o'clock there were 3,000 present, which number was later increased to about 6,000.
Watford were first on the field, looking very smart and fit in their white jerseys, and Watson soon afterwards led the City side out.
Watford won the toss, and Exeter therefore had to face the sun. The City at once attacked, and Prideaux sent in a long drive which the goalkeeper saved near the post. Bell was given offside after a run down by Parnell. James narrowly failed with a free kick after Watson had been fouled. There was only one team in it at this stage, and in further Exeter attacks James screwed the ball in from the goal line for Saunders to save, and Watson volleyed one over the bar. Play was very fast, and Squires got in a likely pass from Kelly, but found his centre met by Jones, who kicked into touch. Nearly all the play continued to be at the Watford end, and Watson, receiving from Bassett, had the hardest of luck with a shot which skimmed the crossbar and went over.
Half-time: Exeter City 0, Watford 0.
Watford got away at the start of the second half, and Kelly netted the ball, but the whistle had gone seconds before for offside. Exeter retaliated with a corner forced by Parnell, and from the flag - kick Saunders saved a piledriver from Pratt. Then Garside shot across the goal when he looked to be in a scoring position, but three minutes later the long delayed goal came. Garside had hit the crossbar, and the ball bounced out to Bell, who promptly banged it into the corner of the net, beating Saunders hopelessly, amid great cheering. Bell then missed a good chance from a corner and Tattersall, at the other end, flashed across a low drive which went inches wide. Thirty-five minutes from the restart James scored the second goal for Exeter from close in, the ball striking the top of the rigging. Whittaker, in this half, had had practically a holiday, and Exeter were now having chances enough to win by half a dozen goals. Saunders almost let through a shot from James, but managed to turn the ball round the post. Watford occasionally broke away, but were clearly a beaten team, and just before the end their goal survived yet another narrow escape, James lifting his final shot too high.
Final score:
Exeter City 2-0 Watford 

Considering they beat Brighton last week, Watford were a very poor side today, and Exeter City ought to have won by four or five goals. They had the chances, but there was a fatal weakness to shoot when within range.
The forwards revealed a great improvement in their combination, and if only their final effort had been up to the mark the Exeter team on this form could be put down at once as among the first flight. James, the centre forward, was too easily dispossessed, but he was up against a fine centre-half in Kent, the old Middlesbrough player. For once Pratt had to play second fiddle to Prideaux, who, after Kent, was the best half back on the field.

Plymouth and District League 

Exeter City Reserves were defeated at Oreston against the Rovers, 2-1, in a Plymouth League match.


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