Match 11
22nd October 1910
Southern League
New Brompton (a)

Plymouth & District League.
Torpoint (h)


Exeter City to Post Warning Notices

In connection with an incident which followed upon the recent City v Crystal Palace match, the Exeter Directors have been requested by the Management of the Southern League to post notices at St. James's Park warning followers of the club against disorder on the ground. The incident in question did not occur on the ground, but outside, mud being thrown at the Crystal Palace officials and players while on their way to the railway station, by a group of rowdy youths. The League Management accept the City Directors' explanation of the affair.

Saturday, October 22nd 1910. SOUTHERN LEAGUE.


Beautiful weather prevailed for the Grecians' visit to Gillingham this afternoon, and a crowd of 3,000 people assembled. New Brompton had a full side, but Pratt and Watson were absent from Exeter City's team.

Holmes; Hawkes and Nobbs; Mahon, Strang, and Higgins; Reynolds, Taylor, Court, Cannon, and Pickett.
Whittaker; Evans and Jones; Bassett, Griffiths, and Prideaux; Parnell, Bell, Smith, Hughes, and Garside.
Referee:- Mr R.Beckley.

New Brompton won the toss, Smith starting the game punctually. The City were the first to show up, a promising movement by the left wing being taken up by Smith, but Holmes had not much difficulty in saving a rather weak shot. The subsequent play was all in favour of Exeter, Holmes distinguishing himself with good clearances from Parnell and Smith. Then the home forwards broke away but Court shot wide. Fourteen minutes from the start Cannon scored from Taylor's pass.
On the play New Brompton had not deserved this success, but it was a fine effort by their forwards, and Cannon manoeuvred prettily for position before scoring. However, the Grecians attacked, and Garside made the running. He put across a centre which Hawkes missed, but Holmes promptly left his goal and beat Hughes for possession, making a thrilling clearance.
Garside again came into prominence soon afterwards, and he lost no time in centreing. Bell snapped the ball up and passed out to Smith, who placed it towards goal but once again the home custodian beat the Exeter forwards with a fine dash, completely smothering Smith's shot.
The Grecians monopolised all the play, and on two occasions corner kicks were unsuccessful, while from a third attempt Bell shot too high when well positioned. Then, from a free kick, Holmes punched out a scorching drive by Bassett.
The play was very fast, and there was no denying the bad luck of Exeter City in front of goal. Holmes was their stumbling block, and he continued to fill the picture with splendid goalkeeping. At half time New Brompton still led by a goal to nil.
When the game was resumed over six thousand people were present. New Brompton made the first threat, Reynolds tricking Jones, and passing to Cannon. A neat tap by the latter placed Court in line for a shot, but Whittaker easily dealt with a poor attempt. The play was soon transferred, but not for long, for Hawkes, with a clever kick, dispossessed Garside. Another fine run by the Grecians' forwards looked more promising, but Parnell, after working across the field, shot from quite an impossible position. This was followed by a sparkling piece of football by the Bromtonites, the whole of the front rank participating in a beautiful combined effort, which was spoiled through Reynolds getting offside. The same player was prominent just afterwards, but got injured in a collision with Jones. New Brompton continued to attack, and Taylor, from a fine position
near goal, shot just past the post.
Final score:
New Brompton 1, Exeter City 0.

Plymouth League.

Exeter City Reserves were engaged in a Plymouth & District League match with Torpoint at St. James's Park. The Reserve team was very much weakened from that of last week, there being two or three players on the sick list. The crowd at the start numbered about two thousand. Torpoint won the toss, and Martin started for the Reserves. The visitors began with a rush, but this was checked by Duffy, who sent the ball up to James. With the help of Whittaker the Reserves were placed in an attacking position, and Tambling was compelled to give away a corner. From Whittaker's flag kick Martin shot wide.
Some pretty combination by Cooke and Chenneour ended in a centre by Cooke being put over the bar by James. Torpoint then attacked, and Toms sent across a good centre but Hutchinson was offside. At the other end a long shot by James was saved by Hancock. Torpoint again became dangerous, and Wells saved at close quarters but had his kick charged down. The ball hovered around the goal for a short while, and eventually Hitchman scrambled it into the net to put the visitors in the lead.

Following this the Reserves attacked, and a fine shot by James hit the post, Martin sending over the bar from the rebound. Exeter were awarded a free kick for a foul just afterwards but Duffy shot over. Whittaker and James led another rush by the Reserves, and the final shot by James was well saved by Hancock. After a free kick for a foul by Whittaker, Torpoint attacked in force, and Coates came into the picture with a fine clearance. A centre by Whittaker was headed over the bar by Martin, and in a breakaway by the visitors Hitchman shot wide with only Wells to beat. Then Whittaker, who was the City's best forward, got away down his wing and put across an excellent centre which Chenneour headed into the net, bringing the scores level five minutes before half time.

On the restart Exeter immediately got through but James shot too high. Wells made a good save at the other end, then a likely move byChenneour fizzled out when the City's inside left was recalled for hands. Torpoint were now keeping the Reserves penned in their own half, and had several long shots at goal without finding the mark. Apart from one or two attempts by James and Whittaker it was all Torpoint in the closing stages, but they failed to score, and time was called with the score: Reserves 1, Torpoint 1.

Teams :
Wells; Coates and White; Duffy, Pym, and Letheren; Whittaker, James, Martin, Chenneour, and Cooke.

Hancock; Coaker and Tambling; Gent, Catler, and Coxon; Squires, Hitchman, Hutchinson, Pound, and Toms.


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