Match 13
Southern League 29th October 1910.
Millwall v Exeter City

Plymouth League
Looe v City Reserves

Saturday, October 29th 1910.

Exeter's Weakened Team
Previous to this afternoon Millwall have never taken the maximum points from Exeter City in any match, home or away. The Grecians' supporters, however, were very dubious as to whether this record was able to be maintained today, for the home team was the least repre sentative to have done duty this season, while to make matters worse it was admitted that one or two of the men included were by no means perfectly sound. The Exeter club, in fact, has never before been in such a quandary in regard to injuries and sickness of players. Millwall, on the other hand, could command their full strength, which included only two players new to their ranks. The two concerned were Elliott, who was secured from Dartford, and Lipsham, the famous old Sheffield United winger, who spent two seasons with Fulham.

Whittaker Evans Jones Duffy Griffiths Prideaux Parnell James Smith Hughes Garside
Referee:- Mr C.A. Newman, of Reading.
Lipsham Morris Martin Walker Elliott
Blythe Wilson Frost
Jeffrey Garrett

The weather conditions were very good, as was the turf, although the grass appeared a little on the long side. The teams were out early, and there was then a crowd of 4,500, with the vacant spaces rapidly filling up. Whittaker won the toss and elected to play away from the city end. Punctually to time Martin kicked off, and Millwall straightaway took up the initiative. Smith partially stopped the rush but back-heeled the ball to an opponent, an anxious moment resulting in nothing worse than a goal kick. Exeter replied, and Griffiths put in a shot from thirty yards out which Carmichael jumped at and caught breast high. Another attack by the Grecians saw them come within an ace of scoring, Smith sending inches wide with Garrett charging into him.
Closely following this came the downfall of the City goal. Lipsham dropped the leather right across, and Elliott, raising his foot, was lucky enough to steer the ball into the net far out of Whittaker's reach. This was after five minutes' play. Millwall kept up their pressure for some moments, and a shot from Morris hit the post with tremendous force. The City bucked up their ideas and twice looked certain to score, especially when Hughes darted through and Carmichael saved near the post. The goalkeeper was further tested by James, and again saved. Two corners likewise brought no tangible result although they served to keep up the excitement.
Duffy cleverly stopped Lipsham, but Griffiths twice failed to hold Martin, the centre forward going through on his own the second time but spoiling the move by shooting straight at Whittaker, who saved easily. Garside, when given the ball by Prideaux, made a hash of an attempted centre, but made amends directly afterwards with a clever dribble and was only stopped in the nick of time by Garrett. Griffiths sent a long pass up to the forwards and Hughes pushed it neatly to Garside. The winger beat Garrett and ran on, and in double quick time was within range. His shot rebounded off Carmichael, but Smith and the left-winger were close at hand, and Garside rammed the leather home amid great excitement for the equalising goal. This was five minutes before the interval. It had been an exciting first half, and the rushes of the Millwall forwards were always dangerous. And they could shoot!
Smith restarted the game, but the City forwards were crowded out, and Evans had to be on his mettle to stop Lipsham. This he managed, and when the ball went down to the other end there was a furious scrimmage almost on the Millwall goal-line, the ball finally going behind. Parnell tested Carmichael with a low shot, and Evans again succeeded in foiling Lipsham, the danger man in the Millwall attack. Carmichael saved from Parnell at the expense of a corner, from which Prideaux flashed in a drive which went with cannon-like force a couple of feet over the crossbar. Two minutes later James put in a tremendous drive which Carmichael caught, but the weight of the shot nearly carried the goalkeeper over his line. In this period Exeter were having the best of matters, but Smith was sometimes slow in following up. Duffy brilliantly turned defence into a fine forward move, and almost immediately afterwards received a kick on his damaged ankle, and going lame, changed places with Garside. An unusual incident then occurred, the referee getting hurt, by accident of course. He was stunned for a time, but was able to carry on after the players and trainers had "doctored" him.

The Millwall goal had a miraculous escape when Carmichael saved three times in rapid succession from Parnell and Hughes, Griffiths finally kicking the ball yards over the bar. Duffy, though still limping, was responsible for sending Parnell off towards goal. Carmichael saved the final shot but dropped it, and Smith just failed to turn the ball into the net. Ten minutes from the end Millwall scored their second goal. Martin gained possession, and when Jones slipped in trying to tackle him the centre forward pushed the ball forward to Elliott, who swerved inward and found the net with an unstoppable cross-drive. This disaster put a grim aspect on affairs. The City made several desperate rallies, but with golden minutes flying the Millwall backs and goalkeeper repelled every move.

Last season: Exeter City 5 Millwall 0.
In.1908-09: Exeter City 2 Millwall 1.

Exeter City's form at home this season has been very uncertain, and at this rate of going on they are simply asking for relegation. Millwall, despite attacking less frequently than Exeter, were by far the better team, and none who witnessed the game could begrudge them of the points. No excuses can be given for Exeter's failure, and although it is early to talk of relegation, it is absolutely necessary for something to be done to improve the attack. Griffiths was splendid at centre half and Prideaux was responsible for some good tackling, while Duffy worked hard although handicapped by an injury.

Plymouth League
Looe v City Reserves 

The Reserves beat Looe by five goals to two in a Plymouth League match on the latter's ground, four of the goals being obtained in the second half. In the first period Gomer and Pope scored for Looe before Winter opened Exeter's account.


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