Match 20
December 3rd 1910.
FA Cup Intermediate Round
Nelson (a)

Devon Senior Cup.
Royal Marines (h)

Saturday, December 3rd 1910.

Exeter's Visit to Lancashire:

Exeter City met Nelson, a Lancashire Combination side, in the Intermediate Round of the Cup at Nelson today. The game was drawn to be played at Exeter, but the Lancashire club protested against this on the grounds that the St. James's Park pitch was short of the minimum length, and that they were not bound to play on any other alternative enclosure. In this protest they were successful, and the City therefore had to travel North. They took exactly the same side as beat Reading in the last round except that Hughes and James changed places. Bell and Chadwick accompanied the party as reserves. Nelson had their strongest eleven out, including Corman, the ex Aston Villa player, who was injured at Everton six weeks ago, and Burton, late of Birmingham, was transferred to inside-right.

Turner Rimmer
Hollis Thompson Wolstenholme
Gow Burton Hodgkinson Cornan Broadley

Referee:- Mr. Pitts, of Weymouth.

Garside James Hughes Watson Parnell
Prideaux Pratt Bassett
Jones Evans

The weather was bitterly cold, and there was only a moderate attendance when the game started. Watson won the toss, deciding to take advantage of the slight wind. Play began at a brisk pace, and Jones was prominent with two big clearances from the second of which Hirst just succeeded in dodging Parnell. Loose defensive play endangered Exeter's goal, and Evans hurriedly giving away a corner, which was not improved upon. Watson got Parnell going, but Garside was too late for his centre, Turner kicking clear. A beautiful bit of play by Watson was followed by a capital shot, which Hirst safely held, and at the other end Burton, with an open goal, was pulled up for offside. The game was being keenly contested, with Nelson slightly the better of the sides, but the Exeter backs defended stubbornly with Jones especially prominent. Prideaux checked Gow after the winger had eluded Jones, and the ball was gathered up by Cornan, but Broadley failed to reach the pass and the attack was halted.

Nelson were undoubtedly having the best of matters at this stage, and Hollis was too quick for Garside when he had the chance of good run. However, the ex-Accrington winger was too fast for his marker a moment later, when he got a well timed centre across, which Rimmer luckily cleared. Pratt was playing a splendid game at centre half, and keeping Parnell well supplied with passes, but the Exeter forwards did not show very convincing form when they got near goal. James was given offside when in a good position, and the game resolved itself into a trial of strength between the two defences, neither set of forwards showing very good combination. Exeter so far had been disappointing, and had it not been for the work of Jones they would have been in a sorry plight. Hollis tried a shot from long range, but was yards wide.
Parnell relieved the situation with a speedy run, Hughes heading over from his centre. Whittaker picked up a long shot from Thompson, Cornan later putting Broadley in possession with a clever piece of manoeuvring. The outside-left was hurt in a collision with Bassett and play was temporarily suspended. Immediately on the resumption Broadley made an ideal run and centre, and Burton, coming up at a fast pace, headed a magnificent goal with Whittaker helpless. An unnecessary foul by Thompson gave Garside an opportunity, but the wind carried his centre behind the posts. Wolstenholme saved a dangerous situation by making a good recovery, and Parnell was given offside when well placed. Hollis robbed Garside with ease, but from his pass Gow was dispossessed by Jones, who was in great form for Exeter. Turner led the next Nelson attack, but the City had started to play much better, and Hughes was given offside when he should have been allowed to proceed.
The Nelson goal was now being seriously endangered, and a centre from Parnell went right across the field with the forwards unable to reach it. The ball eventually went out to Garside, who was tackled by Hollis before he could shoot. Two goals then followed in the space of a minute, Hodgkinson scoring for Nelson and Hughes for Exeter. Whittaker was entirely to blame for Nelson's second goal, leaving his line to attempt a tackle on Hodgkinson, thereby giving him the simplest of chances to shoot into the empty net.
Soon after the start of the second half Hodgkinson scored again, and with the Lancastrians now leading 3-1 there appeared only a faint hope of Exeter saving the game. However, the City fought back with commendable spirit and a surprising change came over the proceedings, for Hughes scored, reducing the deficit to a single goal, and almost immediately afterwards Watson equalised with a high shot that dropped over Hirst's head into the net. It was a bad mistake on the part of the goalkeeper, for the shot was only a gentle lob which should have been easily saved. Exeter's equalising goal when all seemed lost acted as a great damper on the Nelson team, until then a collection of enthusiastic and vigorous players. Almost immediately Rimmer bowled over a City forward in the penalty area, and the penalty was a goal from the foot of Jones. Thus, after twice being two goals in arrears Exeter City made a dramatic and spirited recovery from a seemingly hopeless situation to win a match which must be regarded as the most exciting one the club has ever played in.
Final: -

Exeter City's Pluck Rewarded:
The Grecians have been at once unfortunate and again fortunate in their Cup experiences this season. Nelson's successful protest in regard to the match taking place at Exeter was a deep blow to them, but they were lucky after recovering from this blow, and being com pelled to make the long journey to Lancashire, in finding Nelson's goalkeeper, Hirst, so much off form. Without detracting in any way from the City's performance, and the team's pluck when all seemed lost, Hirst was undoubtedly to blame for Nelson's defeat. He was at fault when Hughes scored the first goal, and even more at fault with Watson's equaliser. Twice during the game Nelson enjoyed a two goals' lead, but the City never gave up, and were well rewarded for their courage in the end by winning the game. Hughes, who scored two goals, was a splendid leader of the attack, and Jones was the mainstay of the defence when Nelson were having the best of the game. Whittaker was to blame for Nelson's second goal, but otherwise he. kept goal admirably. Parnell and Watson comprised the best wing on the field, James worked hard, but Garside was too closely marked by Hollis to be of much use. The City half back line, although over-run in the first half, recovered themselves later, with Bassett catching the eye frequently with sound tackling and kicking. As previously mentioned Jones was a tower of strength in the defence, and scored the winning goal from the penalty spot. Nelson were best served by Hollis, right-half, and Hodgkinson, centre-forward. Their wingers were disappointing. Exeter City's recovery, and their scoring of three goals in just over five minutes, was quite remarkable, and the match must count as the most exciting ever played by the club.


Exeter City Reserves met the R.M.L.I. at St. James's Park in the second round of the Senior Cup competition, before 1,500 onlookers. The City were short of a goalkeeper, Wells being ill, and Heppell was put between the sticks, with Kent (St. Luke's College) among the forwards.

Reserves: Heppell; White, Hammond; Duffy, Martin, Oliver; Whittaker, Kent, Maxsted, Chenneour, and Cooke. Marines: Burton; Cleverly, Reeves; Boffey, Hill, Eldershaw; Colclough, Broad, Starr, Wells, and Rawlings.

Cooke and Oliver were quickly to the fore, and a sharp centre from the winger was put behind for a corner. The City should have had a penalty when Whittaker was grounded close to goal, but the referee gave a corner instead. After 20 minutes Burton went full length to save from Cooke, who had been put through by Maxsted, and the ball went to Chenneour, who rushed it through for the first goal. Maxsted and Cooke added further points, and at the interval Exeter led by three goals to nil. The City made rings round their opponents in the second half, and scored four more goals, through Maxsted, White (from a penalty kick), Kent, and Maxsted.
Final: Reserves 7, Marines nil.


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