Match 32
February 4th 1911.
Southern League.

Plymouth and District League.

Saturday, February 4th 1911.

Southern League.


Tiger Smith at Centre-Forward

The return Southern League match between Exeter City and Southampton took place at the Dell, a ground which has witnessed many historic en counters, and on which Arthur Chadwick built up his reputation.

The Exeter players left Queen Street at 10.17 and Southampton was reached about half past one, the weather then being fine. Later on, however, snow threatened, and the afternoon was cold and cloudy. The turf had recovered from the recent frosts, and looked to be in very good condition.

Exeter City's management decided to rest Hughes, and to the surprise of many people, gave "Tiger" Smith another chance as pivot. Coham, of Southampton, was making his first appearance in the Southern League.

Eastham Glover
Beaumont Monk Trueman
Smith Jefferis Kimpton Blake Coham

Referee:- Lieut. W. C. Clover, of Leicester.

Garside Bell Smith Watson Parnell Prideaux Pratt Bassett
Jones Evans

Exeter were first out, and were welcomed by a small group of Exon ians, who were sporting the red and white. The Saints followed at the heels of the Exeter men, in white shirts and dark blue knickers.
Watson won the toss and Kimpton kicked off, but Pratt broke up the first Southampton move and passed to Watson. Parnell was set going on the right wing, but Glover intercepted the move. Kimpton fed Coham, who transferred the ball to Blake, and a rousing shot came in that missed the Exeter goal by inches only. Southampton's young winger was again prominent with a run down the left, but sliced the ball behind instead of centreing.
Garside took up the running for Exeter, and the play went up and down the field until Smith was given the leather by Parnell, and raced past Eastham in his usual bustling style. From his pass, however, the ball was obtained by Trueman, who had dispossessed Garside, and Coham again led the Saints' attack towards the City penalty area, but was then pulled up for offside.
Bell Scores for Exeter
However, the Southampton forwards were very much alive, Jefferis shooting behind after a fine dribble by Stanley Smith, and the line was being fed with some nice passes by Trueman. Kimpton then sent in a hard grounder for Whittaker to deal with, and when Exeter returned to the other end Bell and Garside got in each other's way and spoiled the move. Watson forced the first corner, then Eastham conceded another, and from the second one Bell jumped up and headed the ball into the net amid the frantic cheering of the little group of Devonians. It was a beautifully headed goal, but frankly against the run of the play, and the City hardly deserved to be in the lead. A foul was given against Tiger Smith, and another against Bassett, Jefferis firing wide from the second free kick. In less than a minute Exeter scored again, Bell heading into the net from Parnell's centre. The Saints played up desperately under this second reverse, and Whittaker saved a "pile-driver" from Kimpton. Garside was pulled up for offside when well through, and the City's forwards were always dangerous when on the move. Southampton got a free kick about twenty yards from goal, but still failed to open their account. The first half ended with Exeter attacking, and Watson rattled the crossbar.

The City's half time lead rather flattered them, but they had ended the first period strongly, and the Saints, in comparison, were rather poor towards the close. It remained to be seen, however, whether this match was to be a second Watford affair, when the same interval score was registered.
Southampton's Smith fired wildly behind when put through by Monk, and the Exeter defence had to be on its mettle in face of desperate attacks. Pratt and Evans were repeatedly prominent in these exchanges, but at last Bell changed the venue, and Garside raced Eastham to get possession, Brown eventually dashing out from his goal to clear. Exeter had hard luck for a third goal when Garside struck the side of the net from Watson's pass, but it was Southampton who scored. A corner was forced, and as Whittaker jumped forward to clear he was charged, and hit the ball into his own net. Garside at once took play into the Southampton territory but sent leather sailing over bar instead of centreing, and Smith, of Southampton, missed a fine chance of equalising. An appeal for a penalty on the grounds of "hand-ball" by Exeter was ignored by the referee. The Saints tried long kicking, but with not much effect, and then Parnell forced a corner and Watson charged Brown into his own goal with the ball. The City players were jubilant, but Lieut.Clover disallowed the goal, apparently ruling that the charge was delivered too soon. Parnell forced yet another corner, but Monk was on hand to clear. Tiger Smith was fouled, but Brown fisted Bassett's free kick over the bar, and the corner, like its predecessor, came to nothing. Tiger Smith slipped on the muddy ground when he was clean through after Glover had mistimed a centre, and a certain goal was thereby missed. A free kick then saved Exeter, and Whittaker invoked the dis approval of the crowd by dawdling too long over taking the goal kick. Just on time Prideaux banged the ball up the field, and Smith nipped in to beat Glover and bang the ball into the net.

Last season: Southampton 3 Exeter City 2.
In 1908-09: Southampton 2 Exeter City 0.

Exeter City were value for their win, if only for the fine stand they made in the second half. Southampton's goal was a lucky one, and they cannot complain of bad fortune, since Brown was bundled in with the ball yet the referee would not allow Exeter a goal. Smith gave out some clever ground passes, and was altogether a big success at centre-forward. He missed one good chance through falling over, but his persistency was duly rewarded with that last minute snap goal. The whole Exeter team were good, and in defence Bassett and Evans played a very prominent part. Bell was the hardest worker on the field, and his two goals were smart pieces of opportunism. Generally speaking it was a very good game, and a great triumph for Exeter City.

Plymouth and District League.

At St. James's Park. Owing to the late arrival of Millbrook, the start was delayed until 3.40. The City were the first to attack, and Moore was called upon to punch away. After the custodian had dealt with a shot from E.Whittaker, the visitors conceded a corner as the outcome a shot by James.  Following this Drew got away on the left, and gave to Chenneour, who shot weakly, but James, rushing in, got the better of the full-back and netted Exeter's first goal. Millbrook then got down to the City end, and a centre by Gosling was cleared by White. Shortly afterwards Hopper equalised from Gosling's centre. End to end play followed, but Drew got away on the left and passed to Chenneour, who scored for the Reserves, only for Hopper to once more equalise from Coles' centre. Soon afterwards Chenne our went through and centred to Kent, who scored Exeter's third.
Reserves 3 goals, Millbrook Rangers 2.

Millbrook were the first to become dangerous on the restart, but the City transferred play to the other end, where Kent shot just over. After James had sent wide, Chenneour beat the visiting backs and got Exeter's fourth goal. Griffiths injured his ankle and had to leave the field, and Whittaker went into the half-back line. Chenneour again got through for Exeter and beat the backs, but his final shot was saved by Moore. Millbrook continued to press, and Gosling, receiving from the right, beat Wells with rather a soft shot, the goalkeeper being at fault in letting the ball through. Martin put the ball out to the right, and Whittaker scored with a good shot. After Chenneour had both missed from easy positions James dribbled right through and scored the sixth goal. At this stage the score of the City at Southampton was made known from the "Football Express" box, and was greeted with loud cheering. James headed past the post from Whittaker's centre, and time was called with the final score:
City Reserves 6 goals, Millbrook 3.


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