Match 46 April 22nd 1911.

April 26th 1911. Plymouth and District League
City Reserves v Sherwood Foresters

Saturday, April 22nd 1911.

Fine dry weather prevailed at Norwich today, but there were clouds of dust blowing across the hard ground. Less than five thousand people were present when Stringfellow kicked off, Exeter winning the toss and kicking up the slope with the
sun behind them.

Norwich: Beale; Hampson, Mackenzie; Wilkinson, Wolstenholme, Bibby; Holt, Ingham, Stringfellow, Whiteside, and Jobling.

City:- Whittaker; Evans, Coates; Duffy, Pratt, Prideaux; Parnell, Watson, James, Kent, and Garside.

Referee: Mr Pearce, of Grimsby.

Since the beginning of March, Norwich City have carried everything before them on their own ground, and Exeter's achievement in averting defeat was the more meritorious from the fact that they were short of their regular goalkeeper during the whole of the first half. This was due to Walt Whittaker having missed his connection. He arrived just in time to turn out with the others for the second half. In his absence Bob Watson held the fort in a way that was so good that it might have been envied by some goalkeepers. He saved at full length from Stringfellow, and turned aside shots from Whiteside and Wilkinson in the most brilliant style imaginable.
Although Exeter opened out the game both before and after the interval, they were not often really dangerous. Beale stopped one shot from Parnell on his knees, and just before half-time he was beaten by a cross-drive from James, but the ball just cleared the post.
Where Honours Went.
It would have been hard luck for the East Anglians if Exeter City had scored on one of these occasions, for during the greater part of the game it was the Canaries' attack against the City defence, and it was Evans and Coates who won the honours. Whittaker had less to do in goal than Watson, and mention has already been made of Bob's goal keeping. He was better in goal than in his normal position in the forward line, where Parnell and James were best.

A Fine Example.
Pratt set the half-back line a fine example. He kept a cool head, even on a hot afternoon, and practically shut Stringfellow out of the game altogether. The Norwich City forwards, nevertheless, had enough chances to have won comfortably, but with Stringfellow frustrated by Pratt, and Jobling out of place on the left-wing, only Whiteside ever looked capable of scoring. Final:

Last season: Norwich 1, Exeter 0.
In 1908-09: Norwich 2, Exeter 0.

  • Arthur Chadwick and Exeter City.
  • Exeter City's supporters will regret to learn that Arthur Chadwick declined, up to the time he left with the team for Norwich yesterday afternoon, to give a definite reply to the offer of a re-engagement which had been made to him by the City management. He gives as his reason that he has not yet decided what he will do next season.
  • The fact that Chadwick is delaying his answer, coupled with that of no new men being sought or the present men being re engaged, is disquieting to the club's supporters, especially as collections have been made for the summer wage fund. Any penny wise and pound foolish policy at the present time would easily land the club into the gravest difficulties, and the sporting public of Exeter have a right to demand that where the management has expert advice and seasoned experience at their command, they should act upon it, and not be guided by mere theories.
Wednesday, April 26th 1911.
Plymouth and District League 
Exeter City Reserves beat the Sherwood Foresters by four goals to one at St. James's Park, thus completing their Plymouth and District League fixtures.


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