Match 47
Saturday, April 29th 1911.

Saturday, April 29th 1911.



Exeter City had choice fare to serve up for the final Southern League match of the season at St. James's Park, Swindon Town being the visitors. The Railwaymen, of course, had already won the Championship previous to today's match, but their visit was none the less one of the best attractions of the season, and the City management therefore expected a big "gate".
Swindon announced that despite the fact that they had played three matches during the past week, a full team would be put out at Exeter, with a view to avenging the defeat the Grecians inflicted on them at home last Christmas Eve. No other club this season has won at the Wiltshire centre, and the Champions had given it forth that they were determined to "get their own back".
The City were again unfortunate in regard to the weather, as heavy showers fell some time before the start, making a material difference to the gate. Swindon arrived over an hour before the kick-off in the charge of some of their directors and Mr. Allen, the secretary. It was then announced that the injuries received by Silto, Jefferson, and Fleming in the Charity Cup-tie against Brighton last Monday were such as to prevent their playing, and Chambers, Mabberley and Rushton were brought in. There were not more than 4,000 present when Watson beat Bannister with the toss, and chose to play away from the Exeter end. People were still coming in, however.

Whittaker; Evans and Coates; Bassett, Pratt, Griffiths; Parnell, Watson, James, Kent, and Garside.
Skiller; Kay and Walker; Tout, Bannister, and Chambers, Mabberley, Rushton, Wheatcroft, Bown, and Lamb.

Referee:- Mr C.C.Fallowfield, of London.

The season was concluded in a blaze of glory at St. James's Park today, for by reason of their victory over Swindon Town, Exeter City claim the distinction of being the only team in the League who have taken four points from the Champions during the season. It is true that Swindon were without Fleming, Jefferson, and Silto, but it is doubtful if the result would have been otherwise had this trio played. The City gave by far their best exhibition in a "home" match this season, and certainly deserved to win by a larger margin than 2-1. They were aggressive from the commencement, and the Swindon backs were often harassed by the quick movements of the City forward line. The game was half an hour old, however, before any goals were scored, and then it took a sensational turn.

Two Goals in a Minute.
Parnell put across a nice centre and James headed towards goal. The ball was caught by Skiller, but it slipped from his grasp, and bounced into the net. The ball was already over the line but Kent rushed up and made the goal certain. Scarcely had the cheering died down when Garside broke through and fired in a shot which Skiller beat down, but before the ball could be properly cleared James arrived on the scene and hooked it into the net. Needless to say, the crowd went wild with delight, and the cheering was deafening. Swindon retaliated with plenty of determination, Wheatcroft sending just wide and Rushton putting a shot over the bar. At last, however, Wheatcroft headed a fine goal from a free kick, taken by Tout. It was placed well out of Whittaker's reach, but Walt jumped for the ball and fell on his shoulder, which had already been injured. He was laid out and required the trainer's attention, but pluckily continued. At half time the score was:
Exeter City 2 goals Swindon one.

Many Exciting Incidents.
The second half was productive of many exciting incidents, most of them in the vicinity of Swindon's goal. Only twice during this period was Exeter's goal threatened, once from a centre by Lamb, who got the ball across almost from the corner flag, and on the other occasion a surprise shot from Tout almost caught Whittaker out, but not quite.

Men of Mark.
Exeter City were clearly the better side, and have taken maximum points from the Champions this season absolutely on their merits. Walker, the fair haired Scottish International, and Pratt, Exeter City's clever centre half, were the two best men on the field. Every one of the City team played exceptionally well, with Griffiths putting up his best performance of the season, James, of the forwards, and Evans, of the defence, repeatedly catching the eye.
The season was thus wound up in brilliant style, and if Exeter had played like this in all their home games they would have given Swindon a close run for the Championship. The Grecians' form in away matches has been excellent, and no complaints can be made in this respect.


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