Match 04
Saturday, 24th August,
1968 Football League
Rochdale v ECFC

Saturday, 24th August,
1968 Football League
Rochdale (away)
Draw 1-1

Peter Shearing was the hero of this game, for the City were often fully ex tended and only some brilliant saves by the goalkeeper prevented the home side from establishing the lead they deserved.
We know only too well how luck and the run of the ball can help or hinder a team, for we have had more than our share of bad luck in the past. This time it was Rochdale who suffered, but at the same time it must be said that when the chips were down there was no luck about Peter Shearing's performance, he certainly came up trumps.
Johnny Mitten put us ahead before the interval with a penalty awarded for "hands," and later on it was a pass-back by the same player which allowed Roch dale to nip in and get the equaliser. Still, it was justice done, for the home side did not deserve to be beaten.

Team-Shearing; Smyth, Balson; Kirk ham, Harvey, Newman; Blain, Banks, Bullock, Mitten, Pleat.


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