Match 06
4th September, 1968
Football League Cup 2nd Round
Sheffield Wednesday, (Home)

Wednesday, 4th September, 1968 Football League Cup 2nd Round  Sheffield Wednesday, (Home)
Won 3-1

This was one of the happiest occasions in the club's history, and a victory which must now rank among the best giant-killing acts of all time. Anyone who did not see this game but merely noted the difference in the League status of the two clubs would be excused for thinking that perhaps the City got a couple of lucky goals and then hung on for grim life, kicking into touch and concentrating on outnumbering the opposition within our own penalty area.
Nothing could be further from the truth, indeed we were attacking so strongly at the end that we might well have scored another two or three goals had the game gone on much longer.
Never have we seen a side work harder than City did on this occasion. We attacked right from the start and got our first goal through Dermot Curtis after 29 minutes.
Generally, we held a slight edge during the first half, but after the resumption Wednesday came more into the picture' for a spell, and when they equalised through Richie some of us felt rather apprehensive. But we were those of little faith. Instead of Wednesday exerting their 'First Division superiority it was Exeter who came back to take command score through Johnny Corr-a brilliant effort and go on to make the game safe with a third goal through Peter Bullock.

Team: Shearing; Smyth, Balson; Curtis (Crawford). Harvey, Newman; Corr, Blain, Bullock, Mitten, Pleat.


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