Match 18
19th October, 1968
Football League- ECFC v Notts County

Saturday, 19th October, 1968
Football League
Notts County (home), draw 0-0

We went close to scoring early on with headers by John Kirkham and Dave Pleat, but it was soon evident that this game was going to produce very little entertainment. Both sides were guilty of too many elementary mistakes and passes were constantly going astray.
We By the time the final whistle blew (and 1 do not know whether it was due to the boredom but injury time seemed to last longer than ever) we were greatly relieved to be able to join those who had gone home early.

Team-Shearing; Smyth, Blain; Kirk ham, Harvey, Balson; Corr, Banks. Bullock, Mitten, Pleat (Whatling).


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