Match 26
30th November, 1968
Football League
ECFC v Swansea Town

Saturday, 30th November, 1968 Football League
Swansea Town (Home), lost 0-1

Considering the difficult conditions underfoot this was a surprisingly enter taining game, but it served to highlight just how much the City have come to depend on Alan Banks and how desper ately we are in need of another player with his eye for goals.
City had their chances but fe led to profit from them. Later in the game Swansea took command and ran out de serving winners although only a single goal by veteran Alfie Biggs earned them the points. All of our players worked hard and there could be no complaints about that aspect of the game, but they were never as strong or as domineering a side as Swansea who had some of the best mid field players seen on this ground this season.

Team-Shearing; Smyth, Blain; New man, Harvey, Kirkham; Corr, Mitten, Balson, Curtis, Pleat.


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