Match 37
8th March, 1969
Football League
Chesterfield v ECFC

Saturday, 8th March, 1969
Football League
Chesterfield (away), lost 2-0

City displayed a lot of the same faults in this game as in the previous home match with Peterborough. Once more we had a good share of the play, especi ally in the second half, but we did not adopt the right tactics in trying to open up the Chesterfield defence.

Peter Shearing brought off a couple of brilliant saves during the first half when Chesterfield did nearly all the attacking, and the home side could only manage one goal through Kevin Randall after 33 minutes.

Because of an injury to Brian Sharples, who did not resume in the second half, we had to reshuffle our side, but as already mentioned we did far better afterwards, at least, as far as the edge of the Chesterfield goal area! Still, it was Randall who scored again for Chesterfield in this half.

Team-Shearing; Smyth, Blain; Newman, Sharples (Crawford), Parker; Pleat, Binney, Wingate, Kirkham, Mitten.


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