Match 44
31st March, 1969
Football League
ECFC v Workington

Monday, 31st March, 1969
Football League
Workington (home), won 1-0.

Seldom has so much effort been ex pended for so little result. That's what most of us were thinking as this game was drawing to a close. But then, with 10 minutes to spare, Dermot Curtis scored the goal which was enough to give us both points and made it all worthwhile.

City just about deserved victory be cause of their persistence and for noth ing else. The standard of football from either side was, to put it kindly, rather disappointing. The strong wind had something to do with this although it does not entirely excuse the teams from being unable to get to grips with the situation.

Team: Shearing; Smyth, Blain; Kirk ham, Newman, Balson; Pleat, Binney, Wingate, Curtis, Whatling.


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