Match 47
9th April, 1969
Football League
York City

Wednesday, 9th April, 1969
Football League
York City (home), won 5-0

This was the stuff to give the troops! But what a contrast between the first half and the second!

Before the interval the City looked as poor as the visitors and we thought we were in for a dull evening. It was not until John Mitten hit a fine goal with a full volley in the 33rd minute that some of the gloom was lifted and even then we had no idea what lay in store.

We were a much livelier combination after the interval and with York unable to make any impression on our rearguard it was obvious that we had bagged both points when John Mitten got our second goal from the penalty spot after 50 minutes. But instead of resting on their laurels as so many Exeter teams have done in the past when two goals ahead, this side really went to town, improving all the way along the line, until John Wingate got the biggest cheer of the evening by breaking his "duck" and get ting his first League goal. Within a few minutes he had scored his second, and with the visitors completely shattered Fred Binney nipped in to make it five.

Team-Shearing; Smyth, Blain; Parker, Newman, Curtis; Corr, Binney, Wingate, Mitten, Pleat.


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