Match 07
September 16th, 1967.
Chester (Away)



Carling; Ashworth, Bennett; Seaton, Butler, Sutton; Moir, Metcalf, Loyden, Jones (L), Morris,

Smout; Smyth, Crawford; Blain, Harvey, Huxford; Hart, Stuckey, Curtis, Fudge, Whatling.

Exeter Stuckey,

Attendance: 4,045,

Frank Broome must be given cash to strengthen this City side, For the first 10 minutes Exeter played as if they would increase their points tallyFor the remainder of the match, they were so poor that they made previously struggling Chester team look goodExeter were beaten 3-1, yet it could easily hjave been doubledparticularly in the closing stages. Not one player had a good game, yet after 9 minutes Bruce Stuckey scored another fine goal from 25 yards, From that point City faded, it was nearly all Chester and if their finishing had been better, Exeter would have been in terrible trouble. On this display the defence needs tightening, Campbell Crawford was given a hectic time by Moir who had a hand in all three Chester goals, City had just two shots in the second half from Micky Fudge and Stuckey, A big disappointment was Dermot Curtis, and when Chester went ahead in the 51st minute Exeter's chances were very slim indeed, Whenever a side plays away they expect the home side to do more of the pressing. This is only natural, but at Chester, the City allowed the home side to dominate instead of trying to increase their early advantage City are too inconsistent, somehow the City directors have got to raise the money for Frank Broome to spend in the transfer market,

Match Summary 

What a contrast to the previous game. At Chester we began in fine style and went ahead with a goal by Bruce Stuckey in the ninth minute. But instead of pressing home this advantage the City faded from the scene allowing Chester to dominate the game so completely that they would not have been flattered if they had doubled their score, This time weaknesses were evident in the defence as well as the attack and altogether it was a game we will prefer to forget.

Up to and including this game 

Appearances :

  • Football League: Smout 6, Smyth 6, Crawford 6, Blain 6, Stuckey 6, Fudge 6, Huxford 5 (plus 1 sub.), Hart 5, Whatling 5, Harvey 4, Balson 4 (plus 1 sub.), Curtis 3 (plus 1 sub.), Wilkinson 3, Embery 1.
  • Football League Cup: Smout, Smyth, Crawford, Blain, Hart, Stuckey, Balson, Fudge, Whatling and Wilkinson 2 each; Huxford and Embery 1 each.

Football League: Stuckey 2, Fudge 2, Whatling 2, Huxford 1. Total 7 goals.


Exeter City are hoping to have a new signing in their Fourth Division side to play Chesterfield at St James' Park on Saturday, He is Bristol Rovers inside forward, Ian Hamilton, the club's former top scorer, The club's have agreed terms and now it is up to the player, Mr Broome is hopeful that Hamilton will sign, Meanwhile negotiations are still going on for two other forwards, one of which is Stuart Brace from Mansfield Town, 


CITY LOSE £3,983.

Exeter City's loss on last season was £3,983. This was revealed in the annual report and statement of accounts of the Exeter City Football and Athletic Club Ltd. The report says that as a result of this considerable drop in attendances at home games last seasonThe revenue from home games dropped by a further £5,053, while season tickets sales fell by £1,065, Home gate receipts were £20,582 compared with £25,348 in 1966Away gate receipts were £4,416 as against £4,990, Fund raising £14,435 from £19,480Football League pool £7,928Football League Cup pool £707, FA, Cup, pool £3,223, farg The profit and loss deficiency on 31st May 1967 was £47,414. The report states: "The board are confident that the economy measures recently introduced, in particular the reduced playing staff, will result in a considerably improved financial position next year


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