Match 15
25th October 1967
Workington (h)



Smout ; Embery, Blain; Huxford, Wilkinson, Curtis (Fudge); Hart, Crawford, Balson, Hamilton, Whatling.
Ower; Ogilvie, Lumsden; Kirkman, Tugman, Butler; Geidmintis, Tinnion, McLean Middlemass, Brayton.

Scorer: Tugman o.g.
Attendance: 3,090.

Exeter City have at last broken their dismal spell of results of eight games without a win in the Fourth Division. There must be great relief at St James' Park, True it was an own goal that gave City the points, but they did just about enough to deserve the win. Of course City still have their weaknesses, everyone knows that, but perhaps this win will give the side more confidence after a long poor spell that they have had. There were several goalmouth incidents from both sides, but they were not turned into goals. With 20 minutes left to play, Dermot Curtis was replaced by Micky Fudge, and he almost immediately scored with a header, That all important goal for City came in the 10th minute when Cliff Huxford lofted a free kick into the Workington penalty area and Tugman diverted the ball into his own net, Manager Frank Broome made seven changes after the Luton debacle, four of them positional, None did better than Ernie Wilkinson who marked former City centre forward George McLean out of the game, Ben Embery brought back into the side also had a good game as a whole Exeter kept up their work rate to reverse that score at Workington earlier in the season.

Match Report 2

Exeter get second win from own goal
Exeter 1-0 Workington 

An own goal brought Exeter City their second League win of the season. But even though the score-line was the result of fortune, this was an all round display by Exeter that was a big improvement on recent showings. For this game, Exeter manager Frank Broome, had done a big re shuffle making four of which seven were changes, positional. No one would suggest that it transformed Exeter, but the team fought all the way, chased hard in attack, and played vigorously in defence. Still, the forwards did not look sharp enough in taking chances, but they had their bad luck as well in front of the Workington goal. It was a shocking piece of luck for Workington centre-half, Jim Tugman, that led to Exeter scoring. Exeter were awarded a free kick, and Cliff Huxford tried to find the gap through the middle. It did not look particularly dangerous, but in trying to block the shot, Tugman deflected it into his own net. Workington centre forward, George McLean, looked dangerous at times, although Exeter centre half, Ernie Wilkinson, kept a very tight rein on him. Workington suffered from much the same trouble as Exeter, in that their forwards were nowhere near effective enough when it came to shooting. They, too, had their chances. There were anxious scrambles in the Exeter goalmouth, and more than once the ball was cleared off the line. But generally, the defence did well, and when they were under real pressure, the forwards came back to help out, and work the ball away.  There was plenty of action in both goalmouths, although the game did not produce any classic football, and in the main, the honours went to Exeter. They produced a lively display, and if their striking force had been stronger could have sewn the game up instead of fighting to keep the slender lead they had gained after only ten minutes. Dermot Curtis, who had been playing well at left-half, had to go off about ten minutes from the end he took a knock on the head -and substitute Mickey Fudge nearly clinched the game with a diving header. There were dangerous shots from Ian Hamilton and Campbell Crawford and headers from Mike Balson and Fudge, all of which were mighty close, but, equally, McLean for Workington, and Brayton and Tinnian went just as close.

Attendance 3,090.

Match Report 3.

Boost for Exeter 

JIM TUGMAN, Work ington centre half, deflected into his own net from Exeter skipper Cliff Huxford's free kick after ten minutes and raised Exeter's hopes of getting their second League win. The goal may have been a "gift" but it was deserved. Exeter's reshuffled side looked a lot livelier and stronger than in recent games. They chased every chance and, when under pressure, looked calmer and more able to switch defence into attack. But it was not all one-way traffic. Workington answered
Exeter's first-half attacking with plenty of dangerous moves. Their centre forward, big George McLean, who only left Exeter last season, had bad luck with two or three efforts. Exeter trialist Ian Hamilton looked sharp in the forward line and a fine save by John Ower stopped one pile-driver from him. Workington tried hard for the equaliser, but did not have enough accuracy in front of goal, although a mistake by Blain almost presented them with a goal. But Exeter just about had the edge and in the end deserved to win and break their dismal spell.


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