Arnold Mitchell's Football

Made during the 1950s, this 18 panel leather ball is typical of footballs used at this time in English Football.

This particular ball was used in matches by Exeter City, and belonged to a City Legend, Arnold Mitchell, following his departure from the club in 1966.

This item was 3D scanned and modelled by Graham Fereday, and the team, at the Digital Humanities Lab at the University of Exeter, during the Heritage Lottery Funded 'History of St James Park' project.

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Kevin Anders


I am really interested in the technique behind this model.

Did you use photogrammetry to scan the ball? If so, how did you arrange the ball for the different camera positions?

I am asking because I want to 3D scan footballs but I´ve got problems with the bottom of the ball.




Paul Farley

Contact us via the club. The University did this for us!