The Players

EFL 100_Squad.jpeg

In the ECFC museum's detailed compendium of the 1920/21 season, which was compiled by the late Alex Wison and donated to us by his family, the first page opens with the line, 'Splendid Prospects for the Season'. 

According to this resource, which was produced using contemporary sources, much of this owed not only to the club's new found league status, but also to the squad that had been assembled by Arthur Chadwick. 

The section on new players, reads: "The pick of last year's team has been retained; Pym, Coleburne, Mitton, Crawshaw, Makin, and Dockray, along with such useful men as Hetherington, Green, Lincoln, and Loram.

"Jimmy Rigby has 'hung up his boots' in order to concentrate on his business, but will, nevertheless, still be available in an emergency, and the captaincy of the club now rests upon the capable shoulders of Dick Pym, the goalkeeper. And there are no less than thirteen newcomers, all good men, and some of tip top quality, who may be expected to become famous if they keep their heads. 

"Mr Chadwick, indeed, has once again demonstrated his unique gift for locating young players of genuine ability and tempting them South, for Lancashire, of course, has once more been his happy hunting ground." 

In total the club had 24 players on the books, including: 

Goalkeepers:- J.Isherwood, R.Loram, R.H.Pym. 

Backs:- W.Betteridge, J.Coleburne, J.H.Feebery, R.Pollard. 

Half-backs:- J.Carrick, A.W.Crawshaw, P.Hilton, W.Lakin, J.Mitton, G.Taylor.

Forwards:- L.Appleton, W.Brayshaw, J.Dockray, A.V.Green, T.Hesmondhalgh, S.Hetherington, C.W.Lincoln, T.A.McIntyre, J.Makin, C.Vowles, W.P.Wright 

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